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Who is Tim Schmidt

Tim Schmidt is the founder and publisher of Concealed Carry Magazine, the United States Concealed Carry Association, and the Home Defense Association of America.

He started Concealed Carry Magazine in 2004. With over 65 issues in print, the magazine has grown to over 60,000 subscribers.

Tim has helped hundreds of thousands of armed citizens to become better protectors and continues to do so every day.

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When you subscribe to Concealed Carry Magazine you're not ONLY getting access to "The Ultimate Resource For Anybody Who Carries A Gun..."

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We are a unified group of responsibly armed patriots.

Manufacturers and gun store owners might tell you one thing, but our expert reviewers have no skin in the game when they tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about the concealed carry guns they come across...

Every gun is different, and our experts will help you cut through the clutter to choose the best concealed carry gun for YOU.

The right holster is the difference between a slow draw and a quick, effective draw...

Don't waste another dollar on uncomfortable, unreliable, or unsafe holsters...

We'll help you find the best holster for comfortability, reliability, and effectiveness by providing you with NO B.S. reviews...

Our personal defense goes far beyond our gun and holster... There's a lot of tactical gear that you can add to your concealed carry arsenal that will help you be a better protector.

From knives to flashlights to extra magazines, you can rest easy knowing you're getting the best information from expert carriers who provide you with unbiased reviews...

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  • Our training drills and proven methods are designed to improve your draw speed, increase your accuracy, and transform you into a more efficient protector...
  • Avoid becoming bored or complacent by tapping into a never-ending source of new and efficient drills to constantly improve your shooting skills...
  • You'll improve your balance and timing, which will help you gain more control.
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  • A stark reminder to be ready, prepared and aware of your surroundings at all times because bad things happen to ordinary people just like you...
  • Find out which guns and holsters your fellow armed Americans are carrying and why...
  • Stories and advice about day to day experiences from people just like you.

Allow me to introduce my A-team and the writers of Concealed Carry Magaine. These men and women are the nation's leading experts on concealed carry and self-defense. Combined they have hundreds of years, and thousands of hours of experience in military, law enforcement, special operations, security, and much more.

Concealed Carry Magazine has the finest writers and researches who’ve dedicated their lives to training and preparing responsibly armed Americans...

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Concealed Carry Magazine is a definite keeper. I love it and everything about it. Your columns are informative and to the point. Every person on your staff does a perfect job.

I received my magazine yesterday and read it twice already because it’s that good! The writers do a superb job on every article in every issue. How can you possibly beat that? You can’t. And, the covers are perfect. Ordinary people for the ordinary person just like me and those like me who can relate to that. Most of us don’t want the “hubbub.” We want down to earth people with down to earth facts and you deliver. Thanks to everyone for a great job.

Cindy Laudico — Rochester, NY

I just finished reading my first issue of Concealed Carry Magazine, and it was fantastic! I really enjoyed the article, “Armed Senior Citizen” by Bruce Eimer. Even though I am not a senior citizen (I am 48), I could relate to a recent run-in on my property at 2:30 a.m.. I was able to evaluate my performance and lessons learned after reading the article. I thought all the articles were great and informative. I can not wait until my next issue.

David Benson — Bakersfield, CA

I am a detention deputy (correctional officer). As a detention deputy, I deal with society’s most violent and dangerous people. It’s not uncommon for inmates to threaten myself or other correctional officers while we carry out our duties as jail officers. Since inmates have nothing else better to do while they are in jail, they have all the time in the world to study our faces and habits so they can easily recognize us once they return to society.

On several occasions, former inmates have recognized and approached me when I was off duty with my family. It is for this reason that, years ago, I chose to carry a concealed firearm with me when I’m off duty.

After reading just one issue of Concealed Carry Magazine, I’ve become more knowledgeable in carrying my firearms concealed and concealment holsters than I have in 6 years worth of reading other firearm magazine publications. As a new subscriber, I’m very excited and looking forward to many years of valuable information.

Michael Drake — Hudson, FL

I consider your publication the most informative and focused on the issue of concealed carry.

Most importantly, my wife’s opinion about carrying for herself has been turned around totally, such that now she is scheduled to take a CCW class after the holidays, and she has begun going to the range with me to practice. Given her travels around the busy city of Houston in her occupation, knowing she can protect herself gives me a lot of peace of mind.

I attribute this change in her attitude entirely to your publication.

Scott Meador — Richmond, TX

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