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If you have a gun for home defense, or even if you’re just thinking about it, I applaud you. It’s critical to realize that the moment you have to use your gun to protect yourself and your loved ones, your life will change forever. There will be 100+ decisions that you’ll have to make in a split second... And if you need to take the time to think about those decisions, you could make a choice that will land you in jail, or worse.

At the Home Defense Association of America, we empower our members so they know exactly what to do in a life or death situation. Today I want to give you free digital access to one of our most popular reports. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How to prepare your house and family for a brutal home invasion.
  • When seconds count: How to counter-attack and repel an active home invasion (this must be done in the first 15 seconds...)
  • Why tens of thousands of violent offenders will be released early into the population THIS YEAR, and what you need to do to prepare.
  • 6 easy, low cost fixes you can make to your home, TODAY, that will repel potential home-invaders.
  • How to create a Home Invasion Emergency Plan for your family that will keep them safe - whether you're there with them or not.

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